For more than 40 years of history and a great passion for mechanics

From craft mechanical workshop in technologically advanced company for the production of prototypes and series production.
After returning to Italy Righi Viliam, founder of the company he started the business location where the foundation supports the Righi Viliam srl
In the nineties, a new corporate image and accelerated technological renewal loyalty of important world groups.

Tradition of mechanical concepts and entrepreneurial innovation, a process that continues today.

Our mission and our commitment

To build precision mechanical components with skill and great attention to detail.

To check the statistically process to serve global markets.

To meet delivery dates without compromise

To optimize costs and share solutions.

To respond always to customers and respect the employees by involving them in the stages of evolution.

Respect the environment even with the new photovoltaic system in clean energy.

Our structure supports you in business

  • Commercial for first approach to new components and new customers.
  • Technology to be applied for the evolution of product from the production prototypes.
  • Quality and total reliability, with statistical and monitoring testing process.
  • Control Metrological laboratory with the most modern measuring systems from 3D Zeiss to MYTUTOYO Roundness, Hardness Galileo…
  • Programming of assembly lines and supply for certain confirmations without delay and without compromise.
  • Logistics, ensuring that the travel product in the world safely and that can get right on the assembly line.