The experience and passion to impress on the mechanical component quality

The headquarters of Righi Viliam srl is in Emilia Romagna, more precisely in Modena, land of motors, the factory in 4000 square meters in an area of 10,000 it develops the productions, management and supporting warehouse to customers.

Is strategic to the success of Righi Viliam srl supply quality products that meet customer needs, in the context of a constantly changing and growing market. To implement this strategy the company has decided to adopt a Management Quality System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

In this context it is clear desire of the General Direction that the company’s production process is considered as the sum of many elementary processes: each manager and / or employee must feel their work as the development of a single elementary process in which the data and enter / or materials to be processed and leaving the results expected from the completed conversion (documents, products, etc.). And in each of these processes which must be made the quality of products waiting by our customers; in this mode of operation it must also be involved our suppliers.

So that this will be realized and the new mentality may spread participation must continue and convinced by those involved in the enterprise, the Directorate, develops and supports this through:

  • spread to all internal employees and all suppliers of quality policy through information, training
  • the involvement and the cooperation and commitment of all so that the influential business product quality are carried out in a controlled manner and oriented to prevention
  • the definition of the documentation necessary for the development of the Quality System;
  • the orientation of each employee to strive for constant improvement in all activities
  • the manufacture of products that meet the specifications for them and provided that they meet the safety requirements, laws, rules and regulations
  • The precise application of the Quality System and the provision of resources necessary for the development of activities;